Validation of Prior Experience VAE

Validation of Prior Experience

We remind you that training alone does not validate your experience. The principle of VAE is based on the presupposition that you already have the understanding and ability required to receive the proposed diploma. You also need to show it to a board of judges.

Important :

Do not count on leniency to smooth over very important skill gaps required by the diploma. The training leading up to the understanding and ability expected by the diploma is therefore vital. This training is part of the approach to the art.

The VAE is not training in itself, no classes are provided. The only time you need to come into the studio will be on the day in front of the validation jury. Therefore it might not necessarily be a geographical proximity to our school which leads you to choose l’Ecole internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique, but the direct meeting of your experience to the expectations of the diploma.

However, in the case of partial validation, it may be necessary to complete the VAE process with further training.

The conditions of candidates’  admission:

Any person, regardless of age, nationality, status and level of training, with at least three years’ paid, unpaid, pro-bono or voluntary experience, may apply for the VAE at l’Ecole Internationale du Mime Corporel Dramatique. The application prepares for the total or partial receipt of the certificate.

The conditions of receipt are the following:

  • A candidate’s experience must be in direct line with our certification and with the activities defined as relevant to the certification of l’Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique, and has lasted at least 3 years. The criteria are available on demande from the school secretary.
  • The calculation of the total experience of 3 years, for all activities continuous or dis-continuous, full-time or part-time, in France or abroad, will be made by a cumulation.

Important: Any training period, or initial or continuous workshops, that has been taken for the sake of preparation for a diploma or a professional teaching qualification will not be taken into account.

  • The candidate must provide a medical certificate of readiness for physical effort
  • The application also comprises the acceptance of the pedagogical regulations of l’École de Mime Corporel Dramatique. These regulations are available for consultation from the secretary and given by hand during the administration in September of each year.
Description of the procedure of VAE 1

Livret 1 : submission and examination of the suitability of the application

Presiding principles for the submission of application: 

Submission of applications for the coming school year open at the beginning of January of each year. Before the application form for VAE is completed, the candidate is asked to contact the school for consultation. They would also benefit from the school’s advice on the approach to the application.

Application forms requesting equivalence may be submitted from the beginning of January each year until the beginning of June of that same year. Any incomplete application form will be automatically placed on the waiting list.

The application must contain the following::

  • An appropriately filled application form
  • A CV
  • A letter of motivation
  • A medical certificate declaring a physical capacity to practice Mime, classical ballet, and theatrical acrobatics
  • A signed copy of the pedagogical and internal regulations of l’Ecole de Mime Corporel
  • 2 passport-style photos

For the candidates requesting VAE, the school also asks for tangible proof of one’s years of experience attached to the application:

  • (for paid work) by pay-sheets or declarations from an employer and/or work contracts (full time or fixed-term contract)
  • (for un-paid work) by a fiscal declaration, a declaration of URSSAFF (only for those paid employees paying tax in France)
  • (for voluntary or pro-bono activities) by signed declarations from two people and the association, company or union which has the right or delegated right to sign.

The presiding principles of the examination or receipt of an application:

  • A duly completed presentation of experience will be examined by the secretary as well as the pedagogical director of the school, who decide and declare the application’s recognition or rejection after two months or more, including the date of the submission of the application.
  • The decision on the recognition of the application can in no case guarantee its (total or partial) validation, which may only be made by the validation jury.
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