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The International School of Corporeal Mime presents to you the description of the certification in “Artistic Practice of Mime”.


Presentation of the objectives and context of the practice of Artistic Mime.

Skill 1

Designing an artistic act

(Definition of the conditions for the act’s realization)
Using the specificities of the art of mime (technical and artistic repertoire) to exploit them in the conception of the artistic act.

Technical repertoire: various fundamental techniques of the art of mime in service of dramatic expression.

Artistic repertoire: various aesthetics and repertoires of the Art of Mime.

Skill 2 

Creation of an artistic act 

(Implementation of the artistic project - as an interpreter or director)

Translating the specificities of the technical and artistic repertoire specific to the art of mime, to develop and apply them in one’s own artistic practice.

Skill 3 

Marketing of an artistic act

Building a professional career path (promotion and programming of the show for successful professional integration).

Finalizing and arranging the artistic product into a press kit, communication plan, etc. to present it and ensure its insertion into the artistic market. - Analyzing the current artistic activity landscape (assessing the feasibility of the project).


The common evaluation methods for all identified competencies in the practice of artistic mime are: 

  • Performance in front of the jury to demonstrate technical repertoire.
  • Performances before the jury - artistic repertoire.
  • Scenarios in front of the jury - présentation of the personal creation prepared in advance, solo or duo, as well as its staging.
  • Presentation - questions and answers with the jury.
Photo Yvan Teulé
Photo Yvan Teulé
Photo Yvan Teulé
Photo Yvan Teulé
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