It contains all the descriptive documentation for each accreditation with national recognition. They are accessible via the initial training, be it continuous or through the Validation of Practical Experience. The degrees and qualifications are classified by field of activity and by level. The degree in Mime Arts offered by our school is equivalent to a level III (bac +2)

It is recognized by the state and is listed on the RNCP, published on the 10 th of August 2011.


The Validation of Practical Experience (VAE) is an individual right that allows every citizen to apply for acknowledgement for any kind of remunerated, non-remunerated and voluntary activity in the pursuit of a professional degree, title or a certificate. This right is listed on the Code du Travail and le Code de l’Éducation (Declaration of Labour and Educational Rights)


“Erasmus +” exchanges are available for all our training.

About “Erasmus +” :
Erasmus is a university-level exchange programme, which allows European citizens to study in another European country for between one academic term and one academic year. Thanks to the European academic accreditation system, the student may obtain their qualification in France whilst discovering a new culture, a new language, and a new art and tradition.



National Commission for Professional Certification/ Accreditation)
Established on 17 January 2002, by “la loi de modernisation social” (the law for social modernisation), the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP) functions under the authority of the Ministry of Education. The CNCP is a commission, which is inter-ministerial, inter-professional and inter-institutional. The CNCP directs all applications for the approval and registration for certification to the National Registry for Professional Certification.
Photo Yvan Teulé
Photo Yvan Teulé
Photo Yvan Teulé
Photo Yvan Teulé