PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE in the artistic practice of Mime

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE of the pedagogical practice of Mime

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Training school leading to a professional degree - over 2 or 3 years


MIMO SCHOOL - Certified Professional Training

2 certifications:
- Professional certificate in the artistic practice of Mime
- Professional certificate of the pedagogical practice of Mime

Enrollment is open all year long!



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The school offers students the possibility to study and acquire professionall training in Corporal Dramatic Mime. The “Ecole International de Mime Corporel Dramatique” is one of the very few officially recognized Schools for Mime in the world. Every year the school receives students from various backgrounds seeking to learn the fundamentals of the Etienne Decroux’s method of Corporal Mime, in order to broaden their knowlege of physical theatre.


Mime School - Professional Corporal Dramatic Mime School - Certified Professional Training

Certified professional mime school with 2 professional certifications:

  • Professional certificate in the artistic practice of Mime
  • Professional certificate of the pedagogical practice of Mime

Our Teachers :
Ivan Bacciocchi, Natalie Stadelmann, Gustavo Anduiza, Darrell Davis,


Timetable                 Classroom       School training

  • 09 h 30_12 h 00          (1)                       MCD-T1,T2,T3
  • 13 h 00_15 h 00          (1)                       MCD-T1
  • 15 h 30_18 h 00          (1 + 2 + 3)          TP


  • 09 h 30_12 h 00          (2 + 3)                MCD-T2,T3
  • 09 h 30_12 h 00          (1)                      TP


  • 09 h 30_12 h 00           (1 + 3))               MCD-T1,T3
  • 13 h 00_15 h 00           (1+ 2 + 3)           DC
  • 15 h 00_18 h 00           (1 + 2 + 3)         TP


  • 09 h 30_12 h 00          (2 + 3)                  MCD-R
  • 13 h 00_15 h 00          (1+ 2 + 3)             AT
  • 15 h 00_17 h 00          (1 + 2 + 3)            CC
  • 15 h 00_18 h 00          (1 + 2 + 3)            TP


  • 09 h 30_10 h 30          (1 + 2 + 3)             MCD-T1,T2,T3
  • 10 h 30_12 h 00          (1 + 2 + 3)             J&I

The Education

The school offers training in Corporal Dramatic Mime according to the technique created and developed by Etienne Decroux. We offer students the opportunity to study the fundamental principles of this art form by introducing the Decroux analysis of movement and therefore intro philosophical thinking.

Subjects include

  • Segmentation of the body, articulation of movement with attendence of dramatic expersssion
  • Working on rhythm and muscle comedy
  • Study of counterbalance
  • Spacial use of the body in a theatrical context
  • Stylized walks
  • Studies of dynamic figures -working on form, style, shape and pace
  • Dynamic technical exercises to develop the participant’s awareness of form and rhythm.
  • Theatrical Acrobatics
  • Classical Dance

(Tuesdays: 09.30 - 12.30hrs)

The study of Decroux’s repertoire strats as of the 2nd school year. These classes expose students to the study of solos, duos, and groupplays, that were instrumental in creating and developing this art form.

Dealing with the essential aspects of human drama such as: conflict/struggle, manual labour, romantic passion or the ‘dream state’, the pieces studied will give the student the opportunity to utilise the technical skills of corporal theatrical mime while continuously refining his/her interpretative qualities.

(Friday: 14.00 - 15;30hrs)

Improvisation and semi-improvised themes including solos, duos and groupplays throughout the whole school year. Improvisational themes will not only call on the creativity of the participants, but confront them with the demands of physical theatre.

Creative Presentations
(Once a month Tuesdays : 13.30 - 16.30hrs)

Throughout their study of theatrical composition and creation students will be required to present a short creative work each month. A different theme will be proposed monthly, while supporting exercises and techniques get studied in class during this period. These mini-works allow an evaluation of each student, determining individual creative and physical progress.

Classical Dance
(Monday : 13.30 - 15.00hrs)

Classical dance works on suppleness, flexibility, the strengthening of muscles and correct posture. Developing these skills gives the student greater physical control, endurance and balance, contributing greatly to their mime technique.

Theatrical Acrobatics  
(Friday : 13.30 - 15.00hrs)

Studying Theatrical Acrobatics helps students to strengthen and broaden their gymnastic capabilities whilst developing confidence in correctly using their bodies correctly. Flexibility and muscle strength are also addressed, encouraging not only greater physical freedom, but physical resistance.

The development of these skills focuses not only on individual work but partner and group collaborations.

Individual practice  
(Monday : 15.00 - 18.00hrs
Wednesday : 15.00 - 18.00hrs
Thursday: 15.00 - 18.00hrs)

 The studio is, to students, 9 hours per week for individual practice and training available.

Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique

28 bis Rue Gaston Lauriau

93105 Montreuil (right beside Paris)

Phone +33 951 55 08 16


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